Sunday, February 4, 2018


I agree, I'm dry fasting now and starting to feel much better.  If it can help my multi symptoms it can help anyone

Monday, January 29, 2018


I am what is considered ideal weight but I eat a lot and I'm flabby.  I'm doing snake juice to check out firming and toning options too.  My goals are to not have heart complications like my family, reduce inflammation and find a ideal body weight that feels good to me. ♥

Monday, January 8, 2018

How To Find A Great Restaurant In Falmouth Ma

A Friendly's Ice Cream Shop was created in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1935 by two brothers, Prestley and Curtis Blake. During the great depression of that time era they borrowed $547 from their parents to open their first location at 161 Boston Post Road in Springfield, Ma, The legacy began there with two scoops of ice cream that cost five cents back then. The brothers worked hard to build Friendly's notoriety in Falmouth, MA 02540 and they were dedicated to expanding Friendly's shops whether you need ice cream in East Falmouth 02536. immediately increased. The Blake brothers assembled a small plant to make and distribute their famous ice cream and toppings. As they built their Friendly's empire, Prestley and Curtis also created classics such as their Friendly's Big Beef burgers. Order yourself a mouth watering Friendly's Burger in Davisville, Ma. As time went forward the Blake brothers add many items to their menu that they are now famous for like SuperMelt Sandwiches. Try a SuperMelt Sandwich in Marivista, Ma for a special treat. They are a scrumptious for desert. Throughout history Friendly's has been know for quality food and friendly service. Whether you pick a tasty ice cream flavor in Teaticket Ma or you choose to order their famous Fribble drain shake that is hand crafted. with cocoa, sugar and the freshest dairy. Once Friendly's creates a winning formula they stick with it. As a matter of fact, when you buy hot fudge sundae East Falmouth, Ma, the formula for hot fudge has been the same for generations. For over 75 years, Friendly's has been your neighborhood place to gather with family and friends and purchase the best ice cream in Quissett, Ma. The best method to eat an ice cream sundae in Woods Hole, Ma 02543 is come in and see what flavor you and your friends like. Or better yet order a variety of ice cream sundaes in Falmouth, Ma and try them all with your friends. Friendly's is a great place to bring your kids and enjoy the timeless ice cream flavors in Davisville, Ma. Choose one of our many locations for fast, reliable service in Falmouth 02540. Whether you want to order a meal or pop in for a tasty treat. Friendly's ice cream and food have spanned a lifetime. Join us at Friendly's for the best food and deserts in Marivista, Ma. or any location in Falmouth Ma.