Thursday, April 20, 2017


I activated and healed #IAMPOWERFUL This energy is amazing! I had to bust thru my myths to do this <3

Monday, February 6, 2017

Locksmith In St Mary's GA

Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service offers 24 lockout service. They will help you 24-7. You can count on them for your all round locksmith jobs in St Mary's GA or if you are extra stuck and have a lockout emergency in 31558. For fast emergency lockout assistance in St Mary's GA call (912) 882-8282 Whether it is a commercial lockout in 31558 or it is a help I broke my key in the lock in St. Mary's GA. They will assist you with the finest and most reliable locksmith in St Mary's GA. When your old locks need maintaining in 31558 call 912-882-8282 for Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service. They have the knowledge to maintain your locks in St Mary's GA. They even service some of the surrounding areas. When you need a home rekey in St Mary's GA. Hire Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service they are an expert locksmith in 31558 and surrounding area. They keep affordable locksmith service in St Mary's and offer you the best home locksmith in 31558. Where do you need a locksmith? You need Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service they will assist any lockout home, commercial or car in St. Mary's GA
There is a comfort knowing that Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service in St Mary's GA will assist you when you need a commercial rekey. Always protect security around multiple employee situations or if former staff may have copied the key. Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service will be your pro locksmith in 31558 and area when you need your car ignition rekey in St Mary's GA. Even if you snapped the key off in the car lock in 31558 or you need a transponder key in St Mary's, GA; or the chip key would not work on the road side. Get Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service for the best quality locksmith in St Mary's GA. They can even help you with your home lock security in 31558 or suggest ways improve your locksmith safety for your business in St Mary's GA.
Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service will assist all your locksmith needs in St Mary's and surrounding area. They offer full commercial, residential and car locksmith services in 31558. Whether you need to order new home locks in St Mary's or you need an auto rekey in 31558. Your automobile locks will run so much better. Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service is willing to help with your home safe in 31558 when you can not remember the code or they will change out your broken commercial locks in St Mary's, GA. Either way, you win when you chose Danny's Lock & Key Locksmith Service as your skilled locksmith in 31558. Give them a like on Facebook

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Crazy Good Results

We get Seo results! Our proof? Google these keywords please, T-Shirt Printing Atlanta 3vprinting is number 2 on page one of Google, Screen Printing Atlanta. Crazy Good Seo gets those results that make our clients smile.
All ranking for this one and they are getting clicks too! What is the sad is that your business needs to be in the top three positions on Google! If your business is in those top three positions, you claim 96% of all the clicks and that is why you need Crazy Good SEO. Stephen and Laura put you where all the traffic is. Your local business needs to be ranked in the top three where all the traffic is. I shocked a couple of people earlier today when I said I am quitting marketing. I enjoy helping our SEO clients plus Healing and teaching others' healing. Between writing and helping others my days are full. I am truly grateful for your support and I am still acting as an SEO and Healer online. Laura Godin/ Steve Hall/ Crazy Good SEO

Friday, November 18, 2016

Help I need my business to rank on Google

Help I need my business to rank on Google. If you find yourself saying this, it is because no one is seeing you in search, right? I like having a business that ranks. Do you want to know why? It helps people to find me, that's why. Most people can find me fairly easily. Stephen and I can help you with the right content, Keywords and so much more to get your local business noticed too. You need that kind of presence to be in the top of Google search. We help people achieve this with their local business. How, With Crazy Good SEO. There is a method to the madness behind that name. We think of the things that person who is looking for your services or product would type into search. That only your business will be there in search to provide keyword wise. That points all the traffic to your local business. We know the right ways to get your business on top. We have plenty of clients whose local business is benefiting from a little Crazy Good SEO, help that only Stephen and I can deliver. We often rank our clients in categories in less than ten minutes. Since we know how to add so many of the local business variables that will get you searched for your products and services. Thanks to all you search engines out there. xx We put our Crazy Good-ness into some very excellent SEO just for you. Do not leave your local business in the dark (back pages that nobody clicks). Get put in the light on the top of the mountain (first page top three positions) by Crazy Good SEO. The reasons are so many. If you are in the top three in search people can find your business. How would you like them typing into Google the right keywords that lead to your local business, on top with SEO? There is definitely something to think about. We can even get the perfect keywords for you that lead to your local business. We can also get the local search target pointed at your businesses services or products. Hire Crazy Good SEO, we know what you need to do to put you on top of search. We will help you get there for a monthly fee to maintain your rankings or by piece work, if you want a little extra local search for Christmas. Crazy Good SEO keeps it affordable and either is fine. Call the Crazy Good SEO team for a free consultation with either Stephen Hall 1-508-524-1148 / Laura Godin 1-778-586-5004. Message me the details in the form at the bottom of the page here: