Sunday, March 8, 2015

Email Hog A Noteworthy Affiliate Program Review

Email Hog has been an exciting surprise for me. I have a few links out on it and I advertise Email Hog passively, referring when I can. I have a few banners out on it, I have handed out the link to maybe three people. Now I am sure that if I had the time to devote to it like my main program, my results would be larger. I alternate and promote Email Hog with places that let you mail your business for free, if they let me put out a second mail. The owner Marty is a wonderful lady that is very committed to her sites and I make money when I work for her site, Email Hog. Mary Petrizza has many good quality sites. Her marketing and traffic sites have wonderful affiliate programs. The programs are in the down line builder in the membership tabs on the left, in your membership area. Never overlook downline builders! Check on Monday to see if you have any links or user name that you need to add to the downline builders. There are plenty of ad types for advertising at Email Hog. Order an advertising package or click for credits. The site does have high click through rates. I get results and referrals from Email Hog and many people are in several of my groups or I am in theirs. I pass links on for worthy places like this to my down line as a suggested place to advertise. Never overlook your connections either. Even free membership earns a small commission, if someone joins and upgrades. If you upgrade at Email Hog you will earn more. There are many membership levels to chose from. I love the site and what it has done for me. Here are my results, passively. I enjoy what I can do and still have passive results. If you get an upgrade at Email Hog, the commissions will be larger. Each of the upgrade options for Email Hog has extra benefits. There are four types of membership. Each one has a yearly and monthly upgrade options which is helpful for new marketers. Text and banner ads on email hog start at 3.00 but you can also take credits and convert them once you have enough. Purchase a log in ads for 15.00 each or use credits. It is 9.00 to buy a solo ad at email hog with a 2 percent click through rate minimum. You can also purchase a premium solo ad for 19.00. You will get credits when you join to help you with your advertising until you have time to click some new mails or purchase credits. The credits are affordable especially if you do not have time to click a lot of member mails. Buy email hog mailing credits these are helpful if you are promoting a large amount of groups or if you are trying to win a referral contest. It is a winner and I will continue with it as always. Does Email Hog Deliver? It sure does as you can see below, I have earned small passive income from what I have time to do as an affiliate for Email Hog. noteworthy affiliate program review, passively referring, mail your business for free, promote email hog, wonderful affiliate programs, downline builders, advertising at email hog, referrals from email hog, earn small commissions, upgrade at email hog, passive results, get an upgrade at email hog, upgrade options for email hog, monthly upgrade options, banner ads on email hog, purchase log in ads, buy a solo ad at email hog, purchase a premium solo ad, banner advertisement, buy email hog mailing credits My commissions are below: Date Paid Amount Reference 2015-03-02 $10.42 Masspay 2015-03-02 2014-10-07 $10.04 Masspay 2014-10-07 2014-08-19 $12.56 Masspay 2014-08-19 2013-04-19 $10.68 Masspay 2013-04-19 2013-02-22 $13.41 Masspay 2013-02-22 2013-02-01 $11.40 Masspay 2013-02-01 2013-01-25 $15.58 Masspay 2013-01-25 2013-01-04 $12.99 Masspay 2013-01-04 2012-12-21 $12.03 Masspay 2012-12-21 2012-11-30 $12.95 Masspay 2012-11-30 2012-11-23 $12.03 Masspay 2012-11-23 2012-11-16 $10.20 Masspay 2012-11-16 2012-10-26 $11.94 Masspay 2012-10-26 2012-09-28 $11.12 Masspay 2012-09-28 2012-07-28 $11.65 Masspay 2012-07-28

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