Monday, June 1, 2015

You Need A Places Page For Your Local Business

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If you are a local business. You need a Google Places Page. They are, without question, the most valuable real estate you can own. They look official and anything that does look like its Google approved is going to be used by potential customers. They are an excellent way to promote your products and services or discuss sales and events that you have in your local business. Google places pages are available for any business to claim and 90% have not claimed one to improve the quality of their local business searches. In order to have a first page listing on Google, it takes a bit more work and that is where Stephen Hall and I come in. We will help you through the optimization of your local business page and implement our SEO skills to work for you. We know how to build them and rank your places page for business. If you are a local business and are looking for more customers, we will create your places page and get you seeing tangible results much faster. How? We will create your business authority and establish you as an authority in your arena of business and improve your local customer base and searches. We will make you stand out and be noticed through our optimization of your places page. Want proof? Google this: Ice cream in Sagamore, MA. You will see 5 out of 10 positions, including Friendly's places page at number two. Also, check out: Pizza in Falmouth, MA for a ranking of Steve's Pizzeria places page in the number 2 spot. Then look at locksmith in Citrus Springs, Fl for Tom Cote's business ranking. It is number one for his places page. Finally, go to allergies on Cape Cod. The Allergy And Asthma Center of Cape Cod owns almost the entire first page. This work is done by us, Stephen Hall and Laura Godin at Crazy Good SEO If you check your position and you are in 11th place, then you need our help. Since Google only shows the top three, there will be no clicks for you. We can move you up! Places pages need citations to rank well, not back-links. We will build as many as it takes to get you in the top three. Get in touch with us.. You can call me at 1-508-524-1148 or P.M. Us on Facebook Laura Godin/Stephen Hall/Crazy Good SEO. If you are still interested in this or another way to increase your online visibility, call the number above or email either of us at or and will reply quickly! Thank you!
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