Thursday, July 23, 2015

Online 101

'cookieOptions = {...};' I wanted to mention a few things I consider online etiquette or an online 101. Please consider these as a real part of marketing and prevent yourself from ending up marked as spam. If you don't know this about me I am on traffic exchanges, I am on safe lists. I also tend to make my rounds to different social media outlets. I enjoy many things about those sites and that is why I have chosen to go there. I think this should be the etiquette there. I'll use a very good example. I am on a social site and I check all the messages. I quickly notice there is the sales letter type of messages, there are links just dropped, there are messages already marked as spam and are yellowed out by Facebook. Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture? First of all, you shouldn't start with a sales letter unless you know that person wants to look at your opportunity. Second, would you run up to a person you don't know and shove a business card in their face? No, you would not. Link dropping is exactly the same thing only in online form! Third you should never tag people in a sale or promotion unless they allow you to. If you do any of these you will end up being the yellow message. Honestly, I am a marketer but do not choose any of the above, to market anything. What works on social media? Well let's see, marketing is about people connecting for the betterment of a group or affiliate company. It may stand to prove a point to connect with people. When they connect with you the topic will come to what you do. I suggest you calmly tell them, no hype :) If they are interested in making a few dollars from their home in their spare time, they will definitely ask you for the link. I also have my twitter connected to facebook. I will post what I want a short message to twitter. I will also post something business wise that I want to say about my business on my own wall. I do not spam away all day. I try to keep it relevant and important with a couple of quick posts in around the other things I select to post. What do you say in a post? > Benefits of company you are promoting/benefits of using product or service. Your skill is also important. You know because you have been with ABC company and have completed their training. Keep it light and be realistic too.


  1. Thanks for this article. I very much agree that we should not push our sales so much that we look like just sales minded people. Yet whenever I come online I feel like sharing good links. But they never work, I wonder why ? I run quite a few blogs which don't have sales pitches but some topics related to social issues and spirituality. I wish I could get some good readers also interested in the same field of research.

    I got the link to this blog page from facebook.

    Happy Blogging

  2. I am regular reader of your blog and no doubt it all stuff is awesome. The best thing about your sharing and posting is that you always provide content that is helpful for both the newbie and experts. Looking for more stuff and tutorials.

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