Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Sets Brusads Apart From Others

Hi Marketers, Honestly Many things set Brusads apart. The why part below is a big part for me. I just love contests like this: 1ST place - U$20 to your Pay Pal and 20 Solo Ads, 2ND place - U$10 to your Pay Pal and 10 Solo Ads, 3RD place - U$5 to your Pay Pal and 5 Solo Ads. Why? Contests and free joining credits build my list. Brusads does not hold your referral list on you. Brusads gives you an email for all the referrals on your list. Promo Code: newmember if it joining credits are not in your account :) #FreeAds_Brusads Click the banner below