Thursday, November 12, 2015

We Provide Great SEO Services

'cookieOptions = {...};' Whatever happened to service? I am talking about real quality service everywhere. Not only in stores in particular but in marketing and anywhere. These people will be contributing to our wage and it is really our job to help them. What I am talking about is real from the heart service. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about I will give you a good example. I went to a gas station, I walked in with my usual smile. When I got to the cash register I got a grunt and an eye roll from the clerk rather than Good morning, how can I help you? I think that should be a standard for helping people. I say it all the time. It costs nothing to be reasonable and welcoming. Believe me, I also know that it is not easy to serve, but that is what we are all here to do. We are meant to help, not harm. We're meant to be kind, not rude. We all need to earn a living here so we all really do serve someone. Why not make it a pleasant experience? I am Laura Godin and I'm here to say How can I help you? I rank websites, Google Places Pages, and write amazing content. This will establish you as an authority in your business. Google Places Pages are the most lucrative positions for your local business being searched. I enjoy serving people and I do this with my business partner Stephen Hall at Crazy Good SEO. We find you great buyer keywords for your products also. We ask the right keyword questions that your potential clients would be looking for when they search Google for a business just like yours. We know the success formula for getting you on page one of Google and we are prepared to implement our traffic sources to get your business the recognition it deserves. Even if your business is completely new and you do not have a website. We can assist you along your journey and help you build your website. Stephen and I implement all our skill and tools to get your website indexed and ranking for you. How can we help you? We will help your business and you can find a form on the bottom of my website. If you have a website put the link and your contact information in the form. If you don't have a website just say you don't have one and tell me what kind of a website you would like? I love SEO so much that I will be starting a second business with a new partner, Fida Hussain. We are in the developing phase at the moment, but I will have a new update about our new business in the near future. I am blessed that I have encountered some of the best and skilled people to work with in this business. we provide great seo services, I rank website, google places pages, write amazing content, authority in your business, your local business being searched, crazy good seo, great buyer keywords, search google for business, page one of google, help you build your website, website indexed and ranking

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Online 101

'cookieOptions = {...};' I wanted to mention a few things I consider online etiquette or an online 101. Please consider these as a real part of marketing and prevent yourself from ending up marked as spam. If you don't know this about me I am on traffic exchanges, I am on safe lists. I also tend to make my rounds to different social media outlets. I enjoy many things about those sites and that is why I have chosen to go there. I think this should be the etiquette there. I'll use a very good example. I am on a social site and I check all the messages. I quickly notice there is the sales letter type of messages, there are links just dropped, there are messages already marked as spam and are yellowed out by Facebook. Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture? First of all, you shouldn't start with a sales letter unless you know that person wants to look at your opportunity. Second, would you run up to a person you don't know and shove a business card in their face? No, you would not. Link dropping is exactly the same thing only in online form! Third you should never tag people in a sale or promotion unless they allow you to. If you do any of these you will end up being the yellow message. Honestly, I am a marketer but do not choose any of the above, to market anything. What works on social media? Well let's see, marketing is about people connecting for the betterment of a group or affiliate company. It may stand to prove a point to connect with people. When they connect with you the topic will come to what you do. I suggest you calmly tell them, no hype :) If they are interested in making a few dollars from their home in their spare time, they will definitely ask you for the link. I also have my twitter connected to facebook. I will post what I want a short message to twitter. I will also post something business wise that I want to say about my business on my own wall. I do not spam away all day. I try to keep it relevant and important with a couple of quick posts in around the other things I select to post. What do you say in a post? > Benefits of company you are promoting/benefits of using product or service. Your skill is also important. You know because you have been with ABC company and have completed their training. Keep it light and be realistic too.

Monday, June 1, 2015

You Need A Places Page For Your Local Business

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If you are a local business. You need a Google Places Page. They are, without question, the most valuable real estate you can own. They look official and anything that does look like its Google approved is going to be used by potential customers. They are an excellent way to promote your products and services or discuss sales and events that you have in your local business. Google places pages are available for any business to claim and 90% have not claimed one to improve the quality of their local business searches. In order to have a first page listing on Google, it takes a bit more work and that is where Stephen Hall and I come in. We will help you through the optimization of your local business page and implement our SEO skills to work for you. We know how to build them and rank your places page for business. If you are a local business and are looking for more customers, we will create your places page and get you seeing tangible results much faster. How? We will create your business authority and establish you as an authority in your arena of business and improve your local customer base and searches. We will make you stand out and be noticed through our optimization of your places page. Want proof? Google this: Ice cream in Sagamore, MA. You will see 5 out of 10 positions, including Friendly's places page at number two. Also, check out: Pizza in Falmouth, MA for a ranking of Steve's Pizzeria places page in the number 2 spot. Then look at locksmith in Citrus Springs, Fl for Tom Cote's business ranking. It is number one for his places page. Finally, go to allergies on Cape Cod. The Allergy And Asthma Center of Cape Cod owns almost the entire first page. This work is done by us, Stephen Hall and Laura Godin at Crazy Good SEO If you check your position and you are in 11th place, then you need our help. Since Google only shows the top three, there will be no clicks for you. We can move you up! Places pages need citations to rank well, not back-links. We will build as many as it takes to get you in the top three. Get in touch with us.. You can call me at 1-508-524-1148 or P.M. Us on Facebook Laura Godin/Stephen Hall/Crazy Good SEO. If you are still interested in this or another way to increase your online visibility, call the number above or email either of us at or and will reply quickly! Thank you!
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Reiki Touch

Click here to get My Reiki Touch

My Reiki Touch- Reiki is spiritual guidance from life force energy that is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. This energy is all around and it is easily learned to help heal yourself and others. Reiki harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and is considered one of the most powerful energies in the world. An excellent source of energy that is in us and around us is worth learning. Reiki Attunements are used to prepare your energy so that you are able to start transmitting certain energies and they are done in person or via distance. Attunements come from a universal source and not from the person practising it. Attunement opens up the etheric realm to allow the flow at a greater rate. Order an attunement and bring yourself greater harmony with Reiki benefits. In attunement you may feel cold tingling sensations or warm areas depending on the attunement. Most are for the Reiki Master who is able to receive them. Order a Reiki Healing session, sessions can be performed both at a distance or in person. The benefits of distance is they can be performed whether it happened in the past, present or future. Reiki healing treatment can help with trauma, surgery or any healing that is required. The healing is a powerful session and Reiki treatment sessions are beneficial, when you are connected to a master. Order a Reiki healing for a specific time you purchased to heal you or your loved ones. My Reiki Touch You will be directly contacted and healed.
Order a Reiki Empowerment, they are similar to attunements. There is no prerequisite of attunements required and they are gentle and powerful energy healing. They are a wonderful addition to Reiki healing. The Reiki store has over 4,000 products to choose from. My Reiki Touch store has new products to buy are added regularly. The store items to purchase are updated all the time to have a wonderful selection and new variety. There are many excellent books to purchase. Plus bracelets and charms to buy that make wonderful gifts and lift the spirit. I love to order candles and oils. They create beautiful scents and there are many aromatic products to select. My Reiki Touch affiliate program is a massive benefit to those who wish to promote My Reiki Touch. There are several membership levels to fit every budget. My Reiki Touch offers monthly and one time upgrades. Depending on which level you choose, you can earn up to 50 percent on upgrade purchases and earn 6 percent all Reiki Store purchases. My Reiki Touch has much to offer with healing services and improved health and wellness. The affiliate program has many levels for everyone and also includes excellent commissions that are paid on Friday with no minimum payment required. My Reiki Touch "I had a Chakra testing and I found that my crown was closed. I had a crown healing and now I am able to think more clearly." reiki, my reiki touch, reiki spiritual guidance, reiki harmonizes, powerful energies, reiki attunements, attunements, universal source, etheric realm, order an attunement, reiki benefits, order a reiki healing session, reiki healing treatment, order a reiki healing, order a reiki empowerment, powerful energy healing, reiki healing, reiki store has over 4,000 products, my reiki touch store, new products to buy, items to purchase are updated, many excellent books to purchase, charms to buy, order candles and oils, my reiki touch affiliate program, promote my reiki touch, membership levels to fit every budget, monthly and one time upgrades, earn up to 50 percent, healing services, improved health, excellent commissions.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Email Hog A Noteworthy Affiliate Program Review

Email Hog has been an exciting surprise for me. I have a few links out on it and I advertise Email Hog passively, referring when I can. I have a few banners out on it, I have handed out the link to maybe three people. Now I am sure that if I had the time to devote to it like my main program, my results would be larger. I alternate and promote Email Hog with places that let you mail your business for free, if they let me put out a second mail. The owner Marty is a wonderful lady that is very committed to her sites and I make money when I work for her site, Email Hog. Mary Petrizza has many good quality sites. Her marketing and traffic sites have wonderful affiliate programs. The programs are in the down line builder in the membership tabs on the left, in your membership area. Never overlook downline builders! Check on Monday to see if you have any links or user name that you need to add to the downline builders. There are plenty of ad types for advertising at Email Hog. Order an advertising package or click for credits. The site does have high click through rates. I get results and referrals from Email Hog and many people are in several of my groups or I am in theirs. I pass links on for worthy places like this to my down line as a suggested place to advertise. Never overlook your connections either. Even free membership earns a small commission, if someone joins and upgrades. If you upgrade at Email Hog you will earn more. There are many membership levels to chose from. I love the site and what it has done for me. Here are my results, passively. I enjoy what I can do and still have passive results. If you get an upgrade at Email Hog, the commissions will be larger. Each of the upgrade options for Email Hog has extra benefits. There are four types of membership. Each one has a yearly and monthly upgrade options which is helpful for new marketers. Text and banner ads on email hog start at 3.00 but you can also take credits and convert them once you have enough. Purchase a log in ads for 15.00 each or use credits. It is 9.00 to buy a solo ad at email hog with a 2 percent click through rate minimum. You can also purchase a premium solo ad for 19.00. You will get credits when you join to help you with your advertising until you have time to click some new mails or purchase credits. The credits are affordable especially if you do not have time to click a lot of member mails. Buy email hog mailing credits these are helpful if you are promoting a large amount of groups or if you are trying to win a referral contest. It is a winner and I will continue with it as always. Does Email Hog Deliver? It sure does as you can see below, I have earned small passive income from what I have time to do as an affiliate for Email Hog. noteworthy affiliate program review, passively referring, mail your business for free, promote email hog, wonderful affiliate programs, downline builders, advertising at email hog, referrals from email hog, earn small commissions, upgrade at email hog, passive results, get an upgrade at email hog, upgrade options for email hog, monthly upgrade options, banner ads on email hog, purchase log in ads, buy a solo ad at email hog, purchase a premium solo ad, banner advertisement, buy email hog mailing credits My commissions are below: Date Paid Amount Reference 2015-03-02 $10.42 Masspay 2015-03-02 2014-10-07 $10.04 Masspay 2014-10-07 2014-08-19 $12.56 Masspay 2014-08-19 2013-04-19 $10.68 Masspay 2013-04-19 2013-02-22 $13.41 Masspay 2013-02-22 2013-02-01 $11.40 Masspay 2013-02-01 2013-01-25 $15.58 Masspay 2013-01-25 2013-01-04 $12.99 Masspay 2013-01-04 2012-12-21 $12.03 Masspay 2012-12-21 2012-11-30 $12.95 Masspay 2012-11-30 2012-11-23 $12.03 Masspay 2012-11-23 2012-11-16 $10.20 Masspay 2012-11-16 2012-10-26 $11.94 Masspay 2012-10-26 2012-09-28 $11.12 Masspay 2012-09-28 2012-07-28 $11.65 Masspay 2012-07-28

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Order Up Google Love For A Profitable Valentine's Day Right Here!

Valentines day is fast approaching and it tends to make you think about love in general. There are many types of love and ways to describe that flutter feeling you get when you have that first love. All shaky and weak in the knees. Thinking of the person all day and wondering if they are thinking about you too. Then there is the spiritual love that you feel toward God and the amazing ways he shows love to those who believe and follow his commandments. The divine love and connectedness we feel to our creator. Then there is family love. You can love your grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters and extensions of your family. It is wonderful to feel included, accepted and loved unconditionally by your parents or other family members. As a marketer, there is a love that is very strong. Google Love! It is the KEY-WORD to my Heart and an enduring love that every marketer needs. I'm not talking anything small I am talking about that first three position, kind of love that only Google can provide. My business partner Stephen Hall and I can get you some love. What we offer will get that love for you. We will write you a 600 word article full of relevant buyer keywords and submit it to 62,000 Wiki sites. You will get plenty of Google love before Valentine's Day! The Crazy Good SEO team wishes you love for Valentines day and we will take care of you! Call Stephen Hall 1-508-524-1148 and Laura Godin love for valentine's day, hire great seo team, get pro seo team, buy article, order article submission, purchase wiki submission, pick up your rank, wiki love
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