Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Reiki Touch

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My Reiki Touch- Reiki is spiritual guidance from life force energy that is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. This energy is all around and it is easily learned to help heal yourself and others. Reiki harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and is considered one of the most powerful energies in the world. An excellent source of energy that is in us and around us is worth learning. Reiki Attunements are used to prepare your energy so that you are able to start transmitting certain energies and they are done in person or via distance. Attunements come from a universal source and not from the person practising it. Attunement opens up the etheric realm to allow the flow at a greater rate. Order an attunement and bring yourself greater harmony with Reiki benefits. In attunement you may feel cold tingling sensations or warm areas depending on the attunement. Most are for the Reiki Master who is able to receive them. Order a Reiki Healing session, sessions can be performed both at a distance or in person. The benefits of distance is they can be performed whether it happened in the past, present or future. Reiki healing treatment can help with trauma, surgery or any healing that is required. The healing is a powerful session and Reiki treatment sessions are beneficial, when you are connected to a master. Order a Reiki healing for a specific time you purchased to heal you or your loved ones. My Reiki Touch You will be directly contacted and healed.
Order a Reiki Empowerment, they are similar to attunements. There is no prerequisite of attunements required and they are gentle and powerful energy healing. They are a wonderful addition to Reiki healing. The Reiki store has over 4,000 products to choose from. My Reiki Touch store has new products to buy are added regularly. The store items to purchase are updated all the time to have a wonderful selection and new variety. There are many excellent books to purchase. Plus bracelets and charms to buy that make wonderful gifts and lift the spirit. I love to order candles and oils. They create beautiful scents and there are many aromatic products to select. My Reiki Touch affiliate program is a massive benefit to those who wish to promote My Reiki Touch. There are several membership levels to fit every budget. My Reiki Touch offers monthly and one time upgrades. Depending on which level you choose, you can earn up to 50 percent on upgrade purchases and earn 6 percent all Reiki Store purchases. My Reiki Touch has much to offer with healing services and improved health and wellness. The affiliate program has many levels for everyone and also includes excellent commissions that are paid on Friday with no minimum payment required. My Reiki Touch "I had a Chakra testing and I found that my crown was closed. I had a crown healing and now I am able to think more clearly." reiki, my reiki touch, reiki spiritual guidance, reiki harmonizes, powerful energies, reiki attunements, attunements, universal source, etheric realm, order an attunement, reiki benefits, order a reiki healing session, reiki healing treatment, order a reiki healing, order a reiki empowerment, powerful energy healing, reiki healing, reiki store has over 4,000 products, my reiki touch store, new products to buy, items to purchase are updated, many excellent books to purchase, charms to buy, order candles and oils, my reiki touch affiliate program, promote my reiki touch, membership levels to fit every budget, monthly and one time upgrades, earn up to 50 percent, healing services, improved health, excellent commissions.

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