Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brusads Makes Advertising Easy

Brusads is growing and changing daily. I love the fact that they have some amazing deals when you log in. The $7.77 deal saves you so much money. I know many advertising places charge a lot more for a solo ad. This deal includes two solos so you get much more advertising for a lot less. You can join for free also and still earn 10%. The upgrades are reasonable also. If you are like me and want to earn more than 10%. The upgrade does not break the bank. When you join free you also get $100 worth of ad credits just redeem the newmember promo code and get the extra benefits. Join today and see what Brusads can do for you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Social Branding.

When it comes to marketing you can't over look social branding. It so happens that you can connect many sites together with twitter and your hooked up. The one thing that gets over looked is connecting. there is no point in having all the buttons to connect unless it is going to lead somewhere. I use those buttons all the time to connect up at Linked In, Twitter, IM Faceplate, FaceBook and many others. Yesterday I started a Google community and I would like to invite you to comment. What I'm looking for is what works in Advertising for you and what doesn't. Excellent or good resources that are under $50. Why fifty? I feel fifty dollars is worth the risk to starting yourself in a business. After, all did you really want to wait 50 years to retire and find you don't have enough to pay the bills and still cover the rent? I have been there. I haven't eaten to pay bills, I worked jobs that others would not do. lol Your day will get brighter if you market. Marketing is the only opportunity I see that allows the average person to thrive.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brusads Is A Powerful Safe List

Brusads is growing everyday with its hot new sale. 2 solos, 1000 credits, 1 banner with and 1 text link with each with a 1000 views. For 7.77! Plus, you get $100 in credits when you join. This is powerful. Save and earn. Happy Christmas season to all. I hope your holidays will be safe and happy. God Bless all the people and let peace reign this holiday season. I would also like to thank all the people who have helped me become who I am today. Including my massive list of referrals from Brusads. You are great and very appreciated all 531 of you. I would also like to mention IBOToolbox. This place has a format for everything you need for a business it's free to join and has many aspects that we tend to over look as marketers, me included lol

Friday, November 23, 2012

Brusads Has Hot Advertising Deals

Hi Marketers, Brusads has a sale. 1 solo, 1000 credits, 1 banners with a 1000 views each and 1 text link with a 1000 views. For 7.77! Plus, you get $100 in credits when you enter the newmember promo code Save and earn. Have a great Friday. Membership is growing everyday...That means fresh eyes on anything you promote

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Many Sites Are Fine Connect

One thing I find that works for me is out a couple of things. I love Brusads, you all know that. I find that there are good resources worth mention and here's a couple for you. I hope you have a great day and remember be consistent. Happy Marketing. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marketing Ads That Rule-Brusads

Hi Marketers, Brusads has a sale. You get 7000 credits + 7 Solo Ads to ALL MEMBERS of + 7 Banners (1000 views each) + 7 Text Links (1000 views each) $145 Value Bonus for $17.00 Membership is 2500 and growing daily. Plus, you get $100 in credits when you enter the newmember promo code Save and earn. Just feel free to click and banner and make a change. Have a great day. Laura Godin laura22godin at gmail. (no spam)for Info connect on Twitter: Minilor1 connect at Face book laura.godin2

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brusads Changes Everything

I have been marketing for sometime now and one thing I know to be true is Brusads has changed everything for me. It can for you too. I simply send out emails offering joining credits which are free anyway. Yes, it is possible to make money giving away $100 worth of free joining credits. I know this because I am doing it. You will also see a great deal that helps you save at least $300 on advertising. As a marketer you will need all the help you can get to show your offers. I hope you have a great day and keep shining.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Brusads Has Major Deals

Glad to be back and happily Brusads has a wonderful deal. You can have free joining credits as well as a deal that helps you save big. You get 5000 credits, 5 solos to all members, 5 banners and 5 text links both with a 1000 views each. This is $10.55! It saves money to use a responsive site to get the most of your promotions. There are several ways to make money with this excellent site. See you there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brusads Solo Sale

Brusads has solos on sale for $2.50 until the end of the month. There is also a deal right after log in that will save you $145. If you join me you also get $100 worth of joining credits so this will all save you around $300. If you are a marketer and need ads anyway and you can save big time. There is also a huge earn to this site. Even free members can earn 10%. It is paid to your pay pal or alert pay account. I get paid and you can too. It is a simple win.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Email Hog clicks

I am pleasantly surprised by the number of clicks I get from Email Hog. I upgraded to express and I got 4 people and a commission there so far. I actually haven't been there that long. It is one of my newer sites I joined. The last mail I sent through Email Hog I got 12% click through. I think this is a really good site where mails get read. Join me, get some free ads and see for yourself. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Live Link Cafe

This is a great little site if you want to just send out something quick. I like the speed of use and it is relatively simple to collect up credits for posting here also. Thumbs up Live Link I like this site.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your Safelist

I really like Your Safelist. They have a low one time upgrade offer price. I like that you can mail at least twice a day and reasonable credit rate of 70 for clicking the mails. Join me and take a look at this good safe list.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Is So Important

When you join a group you are asked to make up a list of Whys I am sure you understand that you need certain motivations to market and your Whys are the key. They are that driving force, direction and motivation to keep you going. I believe that we all need these especially when it comes down to bad things happening. I plan to continue marketing as long as I can. My motivations or whys are bigger than my desire to quit. I thought I would share them with my friends here today. 1. To get all my family together (East and West) 2. To have my details of what I want in a house lol 3. To work as my extended maternity leave took me off the job market. Try it with no references. 4. To make sure the younger members of my family never have to deal with the hardships I have faced. 5. To give my struggling family and friends a hand. 6. To be able to see my oldest daughter and my three grandsons. They live far away. 7. Help as many people as I can to become free. 8. To have a decent residual income for many years to come. 9. To help my friends with the resources they need. 10. To have that all inclusive The list goes on but one huge thing stuck in my head. All of my marketing friends, great connections,referrals,and so on. I'm glad I know the people I do. Each why list is so unique to that person. I am glad I did this because it has proven to me beyond doubt that I am exactly where I was meant to be.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Safelist Fusion

Safe list Fusion is a new safe list that is offering a contest. Ignore me, I love a contest and chances to help build up a safe list. We all need them and I like having many options to chose from. In my mind, you can't have enough safe lists and I belong to at least 80 and use them whenever I can. Here's the contest details for you. SaFeListFusioN- Launch Contest Starts 01/21/12 Goes till 05/30/12 1st Place: $50 Cash 2nd Place: $25 Cash 3rd Place: $10 Cash Places #4-10 all get 10 solo ads + A FREE Upgrade your Account (Value $25 )

Friday, February 24, 2012

List Surfing Changes Are Great

I just love the new things happening at List Surfing. I had to try the peel away ad and see.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Every Marketer Needs Tools

If you're going to seriously market then you will need tools.  This is the most cost effective way I have found to improve all your major groups by using these cool and affordable tools.  Check it out and use these to grow your business.  I know some other companies do not offer this many tools and for this price starting at $10.75.  Get the report and learn how you can use this to benefit.

Live Traffic Network Contest

Live Traffic Network is having a surf promo today.  I love this site and its traffic.  I also have been building a down line there and receiving commissions.    I invite you to join me and surf at least 50 pages to get into the draw.  I did 100 so I am good enough for draw entry. The results can also be checked through their face book page. There is access right after log in.   It is good to win some prizes so get your chance in today.   Join me and get traffic to your sites. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Site Gets Traffic

Global Web Traffic is growing and I can't even count the clicks I get there.  I know my conversion is around 6% which is great if you want traffic to your pages.    I build down lines through safe lists by giving away joining credits.  It's simple work and the potential is excellent.  Today we got tons of snow.  Excellent day to market from home.  Have a great day and consider this site.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Connect

There are many groups where we can connect to others. I'm not talking about thank you notes for accepting them at a a site. I'm talking about really connecting. I like Face Book because there's lots of people to make friends with. I like saying hi to people, playing different game tournaments and see if there's something good to post. I like to add a comment that I feel is relevant. Feel free to be my face book friend. You will either meet some good friends or connect with potential clients. I use Twitter to connect with friends or send group messages out for what ever I promote. It's also good for a quick message and business post. You can follow me here and I'll follow you back. I like to connect at LinkedIn also. I can go there and post or if I went to twitter first, read my post. I have met a lot of really great people here and the connections are great because you never know who might be able to work with you in the future. I joined this one, put it aside and my marketing friends started connecting. I take it more seriously now. It's viable and information is good also. So if you would like to connect with me, I would be honored to be your friend at any of these places I have mentioned. I hope you have an inspiring day that leads you to a very beautiful future.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Face Book Spam

My friend was on face book and said he didn't want to come there as much. It seemed every time he would accept a friend request they would turn around and just post their business to his wall without his consent or even talking to him. I told him I delete when that happens to me. I look at it this way, without asking to post their business, they are just spamming and should be deleted. Face book is good for really connecting but many times people are going there to unwind and not be harassed to join a business. This happened to me the other day when I wanted to play a game and unwind. To my surprise, my game was ruined by a pushy person who wanted to tell me why their business was the greatest. If I get annoyed enough, I'll block them. After all, true marketing is about connecting with "people" not dumping posts on their wall without consent or cutting in on their game and ruining their time to unwind.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Your Referrer Should Do

What a good referrer will do for you: 1. Give you their contact information 2. Teach you how to market 3. Encourage you when you are having a bad day 4. Help you with resources to market 5. Help you navigate the program you joined 6. Talk to a referral for you. A good referrer should not have to: 1. Do your work for you 2. Constantly talk you through the same steps 3. Manage your marketing efforts 4. Make all your decisions for you (It is your business) 5. Help you navigate the program all the time 6. Manage your down line for you. There are many good programs out there but I must warn you too. If the program or up line is telling you that you will make a fortune quickly it seems a little unrealistic. Most reasonable programs require that you put in some effort/work in order for you to get paid. They also require some initial investment to get started. Don't fall into the "Everything should be free for me." trap as you will end up losing. After all you would not open up a conventional business for free. Your on line business offers a reasonable solution to all the overhead that can be incurred with conventional businesses. However like a conventional business you must work and advertise to get people working with you in your business. This honestly takes time, money and effort on your part.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trending This Month

This is one site that is going to be on everyone's mind this month. You get the one time upgrade before February 15th you will save tons of money. It is like having unlimited lifetime views across several different sites at the same time. It is a guaranteed 2% click through rate for your marketing campaigns. This is huge in advertising and they want to sweeten the deal too and give you $100 in ads. I think it will be the trend for the month when it comes to the new site to join. Consider your advertising future...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Track Ads Is Easy

I like Track Ads it's very easy to promote this program and get traffic to your main program too.  It's as easy as linking it through the url cloaker.  I like that you can see the traffic generation and clicks that you receive too.  You'll gain referrals to Track Ads and your main program. 
You'll exactly know where your visitors are coming from so you can focus your efforts on best traffic resources and avoid wasting your time with bad ones   Click on link below to learn how you can make money with  It also has a low yearly fee that makes it a pleasant group.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laura's Scam Report

Everywhere I go I encounter the word scam.  When my people ask me I suggest several ways to know if your in a scam.  My rules for this are simple.  Firstly, I know many groups where people think it a scam but it's because they didn't upgrade.  For example you don't go to open a brick store and say to the owner, Is this all free?  The same is true in marketing, I do usually stick to groups that range $10-$50 for the start.
Secondly, Then there are the groups that fall into that gray area.  I suggest don't stay in anything that makes you that unhappy as you will not be able to market it properly with conviction.  You can't put someone into something that makes you miserable.
Thirdly, If it's a flat out right scam you didn't get what was promised, you recruited forever and when your referrals upgraded you didn't make a cent or they found every reason not to pay and no reply came for the support ticket.  Yes, that's why I stay in the $10-$50 range.
I think the most important thing to remember is to listen to your inner voice and if alarm bells are going off then run.  


Friday, January 27, 2012

Global Web Traffic Does Produce Web Traffic

GlobalWebTraffic offers a high click through rate as they have 4 million in click-throughs all ready!
People often over look sites like this but I think it's a mistake. 
The reason, when your new to marketing where do you go? 
Generally the answer is some form of ptc or text ad site. 
I just want to remind you that this is one viable source of traffic and
you can post links for text, banners, or get solos.  
I used many resources and I like being a member. 
When you join you get 2,500 ad views.  Thanks for your time.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Changes At List Surfing

At List Surfing you don't need to spend credits to get your website seen in their Traffic Exchange rotation system. You to get double the amount of exposure, In addition to sending your e-mail advertisements, your sites also get unlimited visitors from our site rotator as long as you are "active". Staying active is view 50 sites a month, as well as 5 e-mails each month. This generally takes only about 20 minutes... and in return could send you hundreds or thousands of visitors! They also reward you for reading mails. Every time you click and view the earn impressions link within mails you receive from mailing system you earn free banner and text ad impressions! This is another great way to increase your exposure to the membership and maximize your results. You get to choose the next site you want to see from your choice of thumbnails. Thumbnails make surfing easy and fun! The anti-cheat makes sure you only get real website visitors, so the value of the credits you earn is REAL. Users can share your site on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, right while they are surfing or connect with you. They will also see your profile card, and can visit your profile to leave you a comment or even opt-in to your list!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Come Join Me At Brusads

Brusads is awarding over $900 in cash for our referral contest with more prizes during contest!
1st Place: $500 Cash, 2nd Place: $300, 3rd Place: $100 and Places #4-10 all get 10 solo ads and a Lifetime Elite Membership! $250 Value
Free members earn 10% Gold earn 50% Plus Brusads is like a safe list,
 text exchange and surf all in one.  
Thanks for your time.
To your Success,
Laura Godin

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think Your Safelist

YourSafelist dot net is a great site.  They offer a one time upgrade fee. 
I upgraded because it's worth it for the extra mailing credits and referral credits. 
This keeps me mailing out my opportunities to people.  You get 5000 credits every time you refer someone.  Plus there's many added benefits to YourSafelist.  Payouts are at $20 and commissions are calculated every Friday.  They pay through Pay Pal and Alert Pay.  There's three membership levels and I enjoy using the site. 
I hope you will too.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Brusads Works

Brusads helps you win.  Free members earn 10% and upgraded members earn 50%.
They give you $100 in ad credits just for joining!  
You can surf for credits,give away credits to build your list and get your promos seen.  
Secure your spot and win.  I'll help you, if you are willing to work.  There's many ways to promote at Brusads and money will go to your Pay Pal or Alert Pay just enter those at the site after you join.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's Talk iTraffic

I just love iTraffic Free Ads.  It's a text ad exchange that has much to offer including high click through rates.
They have contests where you can win upgrades and to make it even better they offer a safe list.

The management is excellent and so is support.

They even have sales on ads and 5,000 safe list credits now just for joining.
I like that everything is in one place and it's very user friendly. 

I have gotten many referrals over several groups just using this site.

Also, all Banner Ads are Credit Based,
so you earn credits clicking those too!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blue-Surf Gets You Traffic

Blue-Surf offers a different experience.   I like the profile page which allows you to get your face out there and promote your link at the same time. 
They offer bonuses every 20 pages you surf, and special promos like Code Blue where they up the credit per view.  I think my favorite feature is credits to your down line.  It encourages them if you reward some credits, especially if they are working hard.
Upgrades get 50% commissions and you can chose either pay pal or alert pay for your payment.  There's a lot to like about Blue-Surf.  Check out my profile

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Safelist Builder

I wanted to talk about My Safelist Builder, as it's a way of promoting several safe lists from one link.
There are several programs that you can add, plus three of your favorites are added at the top.
I'm really happy about My Safelist Builder. Payments go to your pay pal.
Join now and get more promoted with one convenient splash.
It's free to join so earn now.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I like Live Traffic Network

Live Traffic Network or LTN as I call them, offers a wide range of traffic to your sites.  Many advantages of being a member and there's commissions and upgrades for your referrals.  It's a fun place to surf and add to your promotions.  They have several tools to help you and things like chat.
LTN traffic delivers and you can see what I mean when you go to the site.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why List Surfing Is Excellent

List Surfing offers unlimited traffic with no surf ratio.  It has all the social interface so you can connect with many contacts over several different social sites.  They offer a mailer that allows you to mail to 7500 with your surfing credits and a down line mailer that allows you to offer your down line all your latest groups.  It's great to have commissions go directly to your pay pal account and you can request pay out with as little as $10.
I have been a member of List Surfing for a year now and my group is 4 generations.  There are so many added features like badges for your rewards, surfing credits wins and of course chat.  I have made many new friends and gotten ideas from other marketers.  The upgrade is reasonable I buy the $10 one and I get 4 credits per page view.  List Surfing is a win-win if you market and promote.  Join me now and see for yourself.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brusads I'm Glad I Did This

In August I was offered to be an affiliate for Brusads.  I worked with zest and promoted my link everywhere.  Now some 5 months later, my list of referrals there has reached 297 people.  I'm glad I joined this site.  It's a responsive site and has excellent management.  I welcome you to join for free and receive $100 in free ads.  They also have low cost solos and upgrades are on sale too.  As a marketer I'm glad to have a great site like this to get fresh eyes on my ads.  Not to mention I'm 2nd in the referral contest and the contest goes until a membership of 5000 members is reached.  At the point of 5000 members there will be cash and prizes for the people that qualify.  You need alert pay and pay pal for your commissions free members earn 10% and upgrades earn 50%.  Join free and benefit.

Friday, January 13, 2012

About Laura Godin

Today I made apple crisp with Jess, my 5 year old.  I market in the weirdest ways.  I did some work, went to the mall with Jess. Came home and made apple crisp and now I'm marketing some more.  Just a few blogs and see if I get my face book time in too.  Have a great Friday the 13th!  They aren't all bad.