Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Social Branding.

When it comes to marketing you can't over look social branding. It so happens that you can connect many sites together with twitter and your hooked up. The one thing that gets over looked is connecting. there is no point in having all the buttons to connect unless it is going to lead somewhere. I use those buttons all the time to connect up at Linked In, Twitter, IM Faceplate, FaceBook and many others. Yesterday I started a Google community and I would like to invite you to comment. What I'm looking for is what works in Advertising for you and what doesn't. Excellent or good resources that are under $50. Why fifty? I feel fifty dollars is worth the risk to starting yourself in a business. After, all did you really want to wait 50 years to retire and find you don't have enough to pay the bills and still cover the rent? I have been there. I haven't eaten to pay bills, I worked jobs that others would not do. lol Your day will get brighter if you market. Marketing is the only opportunity I see that allows the average person to thrive.

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