Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why List Surfing Is Excellent

List Surfing offers unlimited traffic with no surf ratio.  It has all the social interface so you can connect with many contacts over several different social sites.  They offer a mailer that allows you to mail to 7500 with your surfing credits and a down line mailer that allows you to offer your down line all your latest groups.  It's great to have commissions go directly to your pay pal account and you can request pay out with as little as $10.
I have been a member of List Surfing for a year now and my group is 4 generations.  There are so many added features like badges for your rewards, surfing credits wins and of course chat.  I have made many new friends and gotten ideas from other marketers.  The upgrade is reasonable I buy the $10 one and I get 4 credits per page view.  List Surfing is a win-win if you market and promote.  Join me now and see for yourself.

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