Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Your Referrer Should Do

What a good referrer will do for you: 1. Give you their contact information 2. Teach you how to market 3. Encourage you when you are having a bad day 4. Help you with resources to market 5. Help you navigate the program you joined 6. Talk to a referral for you. A good referrer should not have to: 1. Do your work for you 2. Constantly talk you through the same steps 3. Manage your marketing efforts 4. Make all your decisions for you (It is your business) 5. Help you navigate the program all the time 6. Manage your down line for you. There are many good programs out there but I must warn you too. If the program or up line is telling you that you will make a fortune quickly it seems a little unrealistic. Most reasonable programs require that you put in some effort/work in order for you to get paid. They also require some initial investment to get started. Don't fall into the "Everything should be free for me." trap as you will end up losing. After all you would not open up a conventional business for free. Your on line business offers a reasonable solution to all the overhead that can be incurred with conventional businesses. However like a conventional business you must work and advertise to get people working with you in your business. This honestly takes time, money and effort on your part.

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