Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Is So Important

When you join a group you are asked to make up a list of Whys I am sure you understand that you need certain motivations to market and your Whys are the key. They are that driving force, direction and motivation to keep you going. I believe that we all need these especially when it comes down to bad things happening. I plan to continue marketing as long as I can. My motivations or whys are bigger than my desire to quit. I thought I would share them with my friends here today. 1. To get all my family together (East and West) 2. To have my details of what I want in a house lol 3. To work as my extended maternity leave took me off the job market. Try it with no references. 4. To make sure the younger members of my family never have to deal with the hardships I have faced. 5. To give my struggling family and friends a hand. 6. To be able to see my oldest daughter and my three grandsons. They live far away. 7. Help as many people as I can to become free. 8. To have a decent residual income for many years to come. 9. To help my friends with the resources they need. 10. To have that all inclusive The list goes on but one huge thing stuck in my head. All of my marketing friends, great connections,referrals,and so on. I'm glad I know the people I do. Each why list is so unique to that person. I am glad I did this because it has proven to me beyond doubt that I am exactly where I was meant to be.

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