Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brusads Keeps You Advertising

Brusads keeps delivering for me. There's an excellent rate of fresh people being added to the site daily. I now have generated 171,153 clicks to my referral link! There are now 2944 members and 571 of the people are personally referred by me. Why is Brusads becoming so successful... It's because they have amazing deals that keep you advertising. You can join free and get 100 USD ad package for free when you enter the newmember promo code. After you log in there's a deal for 10.00 that gives you 5 solo ads, 5000 credits, 5 banner and 5 text ads with a 1000 views each. With deals like these Brusads keeps you advertising to a steadily increasing membership.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Extra Ads For Less At Brusads

Hi Everyone I've been really ill battling pneumonia. I was going to rest when I got a message from the owner at Brusads. Paulo has an insane deal for 10.00, you get 5000 credits, 5 Solo ads, 5 banners and 5 text links with 1000 views each. Solos are 7.00 inside so that saves considerable money on your advertising costs. Advertise for less, Join free. Brusads continues to grow and if like to promote there is plenty of time to get in on that contest. It should not be too hard to beat me. Free members earn 10% and gold members earn 50%. Join me and see the possibilities to a brighter future. I give away free ads and build my list. I have 555 personally sponsored at Brusads. God bless each of them.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ads For Less At Brusads

Brusads has started a new deal today. You just can't beat this! Right after you log in the deal is for 12.50 and you get 5 solos, 5000 credits, 5 text and 5 banners with 1000 banner impressions each. Now if you want to get to adding each solo normally costs 7 dollars if you buy them at the regular price. I know that alone is worth 35 dollars. So the whole package is just amazing in what is being offered. Brusads offers deals that help the average person get more for their dollar and it's a great place to promote and get those ads seen. Just join free, verify your account and log in and take advantage of some exceptional offers that help you advertise. If you like check out the BAA tab on the left hand column at the site and give the link to your down lines. It's amazing if you do this as you will earn 10% as a free member just for passing it on. The contest has cash and prizes that are worth over 900 dollars. I'm in first place there at the moment but you can come and try and beat me. The contest is only half over and there's lots of time to get in on the referring contest. Each time you add 100 referrals to your list Brusads pays you an additional incentive. There will be cash offered throughout the whole contest. So come to Brusads and make money surfing the net! Just click the banner

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brusads Helps You Advertise

Hi how is everyone doing today? I wanted to mention that I have 544 personally sponsored people at Brusads. To them I say thanks for trying the site I recommended and getting some amazing advertising deals. Brusads membership is growing everyday. Today I would like to talk about the amazing deal that is on at Brusads right now. For 10.77 you get 3 solo ads to membership, 3000 ad credits, 3 banner and 3 text ads each with a 1000 views. If you know anything about solos they range from 7-10 dollars each just on their own. That makes this an amazing deal for you to stretch your advertising budget. At this time of year, we need all the extra help we can get. I would also like to take the time to remind you that my list did not just happen. I gave away free joining ad credits through advertising myself to build my list to this amount of personally sponsored. Upgrading has also allowed me bigger commissions that I turn back into advertising for this and many of the other sites I chose to promote. Join Brusads for free enter the promo code newmember and receive extra ads credits worth 100 dollars. Check it out and if you like to promote hit the BAA tab on the site and see if you can catch up to me in the referral contest. It is worth cash and prizes to place in the top 3 but there are more prizes down to 10 placements for extra advertising. You can win on so many levels at Brusads.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

List Jumper Leaps Ahead For Emailing

List Jumper is a great site. I just joined tonight and grabbed myself a bronze membership. To my surprise, less than an hour later I had commission coming in. It's a brand new site owned by a duo that know about marketing and all its effectiveness. Darren Olander and Matt Koshko. Need I say more? They are responsible for the success of so many sites and they want to see people succeed using their sites. I think this will be the next big winner so click the banner and get some action to your emails. Jump to the head of the List!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Email Hog Has A Contest

I have been a member of Email Hog for a year now. I love the site it has been an amazing place to be. Today they start their new contest. The contest runs until Valentine's Day Feb 14th. They have lots of prizes and the upgrades are low. You can send a mail from Email Hog and you are guaranteed to get views or they resend your email. Commissions are paid every Friday to pay pal once your balance reaches $10. I love a lot about Email Hog. Check it out and get in on the contest. It is a winner.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

PromoPit Has Your Digital Products

PromoPit appeals to the person that wants HUGE discounts on products (up to 95% off, if you can believe that!) If you have digital products to sell ... you won't believe all the powerful features available to sellers! It gives you stuff for free that appeals to everybody! And of course it appeals to ANYONE that just wants to earn commissions off ALL the great products in the PromoPit marketplace! As you can probably tell already, PromoPit has BIG plans ... and I am very excited to be involved at this early stage in their development.