Thursday, May 9, 2013

List Building Takes Time

The results of list building have taken much effort.  Most marketers will quit before they reach the results they seek.  The important thing is to keep asking the questions that lead you toward another step forward.  Never surrender and keep going forward with your goals in mind.
I seriously build lists by offering ads for free.  Which is an important value to marketers. Not only to get your business seen but to build a list also. Every marketer needs advertising.  I generally stick to ads because everyone who markets or builds a list will need advertising from several locations.  Most people start thinking they will put out a few ads and be all set.  Nothing is further from the truth.  That is just the beginning. I use many sources for my list building.
As my mentor says "Its staying consistent with what you do." I also like to take it up a notch by putting out extra forms of advertising at the same time. I love Brusads for so many reasons, they allow me to keep a list and I just post my offers through there to my list.  I give away their free ads for joining.  I continue to build my list by offering free ads whenever I can.  Join me at Brusads and get 100 Us in free ad credits. Just enter the promo code. I continue to keep advertising as many ways as possible. Have a great day

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