Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Crazy Good Results

We get Seo results! Our proof? Google these keywords please, T-Shirt Printing Atlanta 3vprinting is number 2 on page one of Google, Screen Printing Atlanta. Crazy Good Seo gets those results that make our clients smile.
All ranking for this one and they are getting clicks too! What is the sad is that your business needs to be in the top three positions on Google! If your business is in those top three positions, you claim 96% of all the clicks and that is why you need Crazy Good SEO. Stephen and Laura put you where all the traffic is. Your local business needs to be ranked in the top three where all the traffic is. I shocked a couple of people earlier today when I said I am quitting marketing. I enjoy helping our SEO clients plus Healing and teaching others' healing. Between writing and helping others my days are full. I am truly grateful for your support and I am still acting as an SEO and Healer online. Laura Godin/ Steve Hall/ Crazy Good SEO

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