Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Sets Brusads Apart From Others

Hi Marketers, Honestly Many things set Brusads apart. The why part below is a big part for me. I just love contests like this: 1ST place - U$20 to your Pay Pal and 20 Solo Ads, 2ND place - U$10 to your Pay Pal and 10 Solo Ads, 3RD place - U$5 to your Pay Pal and 5 Solo Ads. Why? Contests and free joining credits build my list. Brusads does not hold your referral list on you. Brusads gives you an email for all the referrals on your list. Promo Code: newmember if it joining credits are not in your account :) #FreeAds_Brusads Click the banner below

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Main Sites

Click on the QR Code Below TO VIEW my Moblie Site for Brus Ads,..
Hi I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I market these 4 sites to make money on line. I'm very impressed with the results and commissions I have earned. It is amazing! Let me know what groups are successful for you and what methods you are using to market them.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Advertising Hits

I wasn't really tracking my ads so I put them through Easy Simple Money Maker (ESMM) When I logged in this morning here were my results. Campaign URL Hits Brusads splash page 6515 Live Traffic Network splash page 2546 Traffic Swap 4 U splash page 3704 Mister Safelist splash1 1523 Treasure Chest Of Ads splash page 359 I removed the links but I was surprised! Here's one of my favorite sites Mister Safelist is owned by one great guy, mentor and teacher, Jerry. The membership is large and growing ...Check it out. You get 250 credits free.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hi It's Laura Godin I have an exceptional deal for you. Join Brusads and you receive free credits. Right after you log in there is a deal for 6.00 :) You get tons of next to no cost advertising. Mention this ad at laura22 godin at gmail and your username at Brusads and I will give you an added present. P.S. Don't forget to verify your account. This deal is good until 11am tomorrow pacific time. Have a great day

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Reasons Why

I'm so glad to be back. Today I put out this letter. Hi Marketers, There's 5 reasons why I like Brusads. 1. Excellent and affordable advertising 2. Reasonable upgrades 3. Exciting contests that include c*ash and ad prizes 4. They don't hold your list. You do 5. Surf and read mails if you're low on credits To Your Marketing Success, Laura Godin

Friday, May 10, 2013

Traffic Swap 4 U

Traffic Swap 4 U offers so many benefits. I had to write about a few of them. I love traffic sources. Especially well equipped sites such as this. It offers you 500 free credits just to check it out, when you join free. The surfing is smooth there with decent prizes awarded regularly. The surfing rewards are worth checking out also: Receive 25 Credits or 350 Banner Imps or 350 Text Link Imps for surfing 100 pages Receive 35 Credits or 400 Banner Imps or 400 Text Link Imps for surfing 250 pages Receive 55 Credits or 700 Banner Imps or 700 Text Link Imps for surfing 500 pages Receive 85 Credits or 800 Banner Imps or 800 Text Link Imps for surfing 1000 pages. Surfing a little or a lot is up to you. I personally surf at least 1000 pages most days, dividing it up between several sites generally. It's an excellent way to brand yourself and receive views to your sites. Do you need to surf one thousand pages a day? Generally my answer is no but it does get your ad viewed more. It generally does not require tons of recruiting to run site splashes, banners and text ads at traffic exchanges. I do surf a fair amount because it does generate tons of traffic to my offers. With features like social branding, down line builder, down loads and prizes to get you started. It is worthwhile site to surf. Check out Traffic Swap 4 U and experience the traffic for yourself.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

List Building Takes Time

The results of list building have taken much effort.  Most marketers will quit before they reach the results they seek.  The important thing is to keep asking the questions that lead you toward another step forward.  Never surrender and keep going forward with your goals in mind.
I seriously build lists by offering ads for free.  Which is an important value to marketers. Not only to get your business seen but to build a list also. Every marketer needs advertising.  I generally stick to ads because everyone who markets or builds a list will need advertising from several locations.  Most people start thinking they will put out a few ads and be all set.  Nothing is further from the truth.  That is just the beginning. I use many sources for my list building.
As my mentor says "Its staying consistent with what you do." I also like to take it up a notch by putting out extra forms of advertising at the same time. I love Brusads for so many reasons, they allow me to keep a list and I just post my offers through there to my list.  I give away their free ads for joining.  I continue to build my list by offering free ads whenever I can.  Join me at Brusads and get 100 Us in free ad credits. Just enter the promo code. I continue to keep advertising as many ways as possible. Have a great day